When I was a little girl, I was OBSESSED with Elvis! Like, so obsessed that I would spend an entire weekend wearing out my VHS player watching “Blue Hawaii” and “Kissing Cousins” on repeat. I had all of the figurines, the Elvis doll, all sorts of Elvis memorabilia. I even used to have an Elvis cardboard cutout in my room that I may or may not have slow danced with while blaring “Love Me Tender” in my room (don’t judge).

I love playing dress up, and since my son was born with an epic head of hair,  I wanted to do this photoshoot to transform my baby into Baby Elvis and Olivia as Priscilla.

I know, I’m a nerd- but aren’t they cute?!?

Long live the King!


(P.S. Olivia didn’t really wear eyeliner- it is photoshop magic)

(P.S.S. Olivia’s arm isn’t missing in the photos, she was hiding it behind her back bc of her boo-boo on her elbow)