7 Tips for Booking Your Dream Maternity SessioN

Throughout my 8-year photography career, I’ve done over 160 maternity sessions. They are so much fun to do! I love seeing mama beam with joy when I deliver her finished photos. She now has a tangible reminder of this special time in her life!

If you are pregnant and considering a maternity session, I want to help. I’ve put together a little guide called 7 Tips for Booking Your Dream Maternity Session.

This guide is absolutely free, and you can download it right now. It’s short, sweet, and packed with tips on how to have an amazing, stress-free maternity shoot.

In this free guide, you will learn…

✅ The optimal time to book your maternity session. 

✅ The questions to ask any potential photographer to make sure they’re legit.

✅ The one thing that can make or break a maternity session. (And by the way… this one thing is something you should never be expected to pay for!)

✅ What should happen after your maternity shoot. Your photographer’s job is not over until you have those stunning photos lining the walls of your home!

Much more!

The guide is also packed with real-life photos from maternity shoots I have done. They’ll inspire tons of ideas for your own shoot!

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