What is the Kossina Creative Senior Ambassador Program? 
The Kossina Creative Senior Ambassador Program is a great opportunity for High School Senior’s to express themselves during their senior year! We are on the search for current and upcoming graduating seniors who are ready to be in front of the camera, have fun, be outgoing, social media invested, and excited to partner with us to be our “model representative” of our senior photography brand. 

No modeling experience? Leave the posing, location selecting, styling, and other details up to us! The Senior Ambassador recipe for success includes someone who is socially, academically, and/or athletically involved in their school and is excited for a fun experience to make their senior year memorable with us, while encouraging their friends to do the same! 

What are the perks of becoming a Senior Ambassador? 
If you are selected to be a Senior Ambassador, you’ll receive a free 30-minute portrait session with 3 amazing photos included. Fall in love with more than 3? No worries! Additional photos will be available for purchase and you can even become eligible to earn more FREE sessions for the future. 

What types of sessions can I win? 
Great Question! These include Cap & Gown Sessions, Studio Glam / Portrait Sessions, Beach Sessions, Flower Field Sessions and much more! 
Have an idea for a session that isn’t listed above? Let us know– As our Senior Ambassador, we would love to hear from you on what would make your senior year most memorable! 

We’ve gone over a little bit on what you can win, but HOW do you win it? 
Easy! We want all of your friends (and family) to hear about this once in a lifetime program you’re a part of and how we can make their senior year memorable with all that we offer as well.

For every 5 referrals that are booked through Kossina Creative, you will get a FREE mini session. Are you a senior overachiever? For every 10 referrals, you will receive a FREE full session AND a print credit. At the end of the school year, we will also have a competition among Ambassadors and whomever generates the most referrals will win a Visa gift card for $250.

What is expected of the Senior Ambassador?
As our ambassador, you are expected to follow these guidelines we’ve set to ensure the most success in this experience. This includes, but is not limited to, upholding the following: 
-  A model release must be signed by the participant (and parent or legal guardian if participant is a minor) .
-  Senior Ambassadors must arrive punctually and cooperate with the photographer at their scheduled session(s). 
- The Senior Ambassador must be reputable, respectful, and mindful of how they conduct themselves inside and outside of school. Any Senior Ambassador who’s behavior challenges or undermines the reputation of Kossina Creative Photography is subject to “termination” from the program. 
-  Advertising for Kossina Creative Photography via social media, word of mouth, and any other forms of contact with your peers is a must. We want others to know what an amazing opportunity the Senior Ambassador is a part of! 
- Being a Senior Ambassador for Kossina Creative Photography ONLY. Representation for any other photography brand will be subject to “termination” from the Senior Ambassador Program. 

This all sounds GREAT, how do I apply to be a Senior Ambassador? 
Applying to be an ambassador for the Kossina Creative Senior Ambassador Program is as easy as filling out our senior session model call form below or